1. A girl who acts like shes your friend to your face while secretly trying to get with your boyfriend.

2. A girl who tries to hook up with a guy she knows has a girlfriend.
1. I thought Anne was my friend but it turns out she was just a SNEAKY BITCH

2. I caught that SNEAKY BITCH talking to my boyfriend!
by awhitelight April 30, 2010
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If you do something quickly and quietly.
Chamya is a sneaky ass bitch cause she stole janaiyas answers cause that bitch dumb PERIODDTTTTT
by Sneaky ass bitch October 12, 2018
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She’s extremely pretty and has a body of a goddess but she’s a whore with the worst attitude you could ever imagine. she smells like expired fish fingers and guys think her pussy tastes like sour milk and liver. she talks shit about anything that breathes and nobody likes her stank ass. she’s a snake and even Regina George wouldn’t approve of her. don’t trust her.
“some Sneaky McSneak-Sneak Bitch told me that your boyfriend fucked her!”

Person 1: why does she always talk shit about people she doesn’t know?!
Person 2: ah don’t worry, she’s just a classic Sneaky McSneak-Sneak bitch
by trapthagod May 21, 2019
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