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The act of blowing air thru the mouth while press against someone’s stomach, resulting in the classic bubbly fart noise.
I gave her a snarfel when she least expected it.
by JJames September 17, 2005
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Snarfel is a random word some random guy made, it means to cut off peoples weenus and stuff them up their ass, only to grab the tongue of the victim and pull it out, then you must take a sickle and cut their body from crotch to head. the body must stuck together with rice and put on a pole for the dark lords to feast upon.
David "Snarfel"
Laurel"if it is my duty than I must sacrifice myself to the dark lords"
David"*starts snarfeling laurel*"
by Syinyide June 07, 2018
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Snarfel is when you are ice fishing and a seal pulls down your trousers and slowly blowjobs thy dick .
Dude i just got snarfel today and it was crazy!
by beefy nrop December 28, 2014
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