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A group of snack loving individuals who came together early in 2016 in the name of clowning YallQaeda. They are a diverse group, and there are rumors they may be agents of some shadow arm of the US government, perhaps well paid trolls bent on destroying the so-called militia in Burns, Oregon. They love snacks and they worship a deity named simply "Mildred". Not much else is known about this secretive group.
Snacktivists worship Mildred.
by Curbb May 02, 2016
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1. A person who participates in activism by providing humorous feedback to terrorists who demand snacks. 2. A person who sent dildos to the Oregon Standoff at Malheur Bird Sanctuary. 3. A person who creates snack related memes. oregonstandoff snacks for Y'all Queda Vanilla Isis Agent McSteamy
There is no end to what a Snacktivist can do.
by Wildflower95694 October 13, 2016
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Also used for a group that formed to mock and troll the Oregon terrorist militia and their on-line supporters because of their call for snacks while occupying a federal bird sanctuary, and the fact they were such easy targets for mockery. 15000 strong, their snacktivism consisted of sending such things as gummy penises and dildos to them, along with a 55 gallon drum of personal lube. Their patron saint is St.Mildred of the Lemony snacks.
There was a great deal of joy among the snacktivists when the FBI arrested the leaders of the seditious group.
by Wild Clover October 10, 2016
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People who aren't really interested in a cause but heard there was free food
Activist: Hey man, are coming to the rally?
Snacktivist: Nah, pretty busy these days
Activist: Did I tell you there are free cookies?
Snacktivist: Where do I sign up?!
by exiledoz February 23, 2014
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