1.)a dirty woman who sleeps around with random guys from the clubs.
2.)walks the streets of Reading and gets guyz.
3.)dresses dirty, does dope, doesnt take showers and still think she looks good!
4.)All the above and a girl that turns her back on her girls to get their man!
"Look that smeez sittin over there tryin to get with my man"

"Shut up you stupid smeez, you trying to get with my man!"
by Brittie April 15, 2005
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dipadova.. is a smeezer.
by gliannan o July 15, 2011
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A vaporization device
Ayo bro can a hit that smeezer of yours
by Adjectived January 19, 2022
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When a smutty woman takes her slutiness to the level of a skeezer.

i.e. when a smut meets skeezer you have a smeezer.
Yoooo Slim you see that jawn over there, she looking right.

The honey looking better than right Playa! With those painted on jeans and halter with no bra she lookin' smutty!

Slim I'm thinking she's a skeezer.

Listen here she's beyond a smut or skeezer she's a smeezer the perfect one nighter......

I'll be back going to get at this,
I bet she's easy like Sunday morning Bro...
by Slim Daddy Wins April 17, 2014
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