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Having intent to get very drunk, being very drunk.
Lets get super smashly tonight.
by Jake Tessier April 09, 2007
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another word for lying, when someone keeps making things up, a stupid ridiculous lie or lies.
L: " i went to the store yesterday and an old man named ely gave me $1000! "
K: "smash lies!"
L: " No! im serious!"
by gertrude jewelover January 17, 2010
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A female that is sought out specifically for sex and no other relational dynamic, therefore she has no name but is referred to as Smashly.
Clint: bro, you woke me up again last night! Who did you smash out this night? Was that Kaite, Kelly, Cindy or Lisa who I heard screaming?!

Thomas: Sorry bro, na dawg it was Smashly.
by Thermos kegger November 15, 2013
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