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1.The act of being smart; acting smart.

(Also to be used in sarcastic conversation.)
1. Stop acting so smartical your making me feel stupid!

(Oh yeah that was smartical.)
by BHS Guardie September 12, 2006
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A level of smartness that is unreachable. What the 'smartical' doesn't realize, is that it is a level that is extremely LOW! Shh!
"I'm smart."
"I'm smarter."
"I'm the smartest!"
"Well . . . I'm Smartical!"
by sexcgtmami2 January 11, 2009
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A: In reference to having multiple smarts in your head, as related to the brain cell.

B: A collection of smarts in the cranium.

C: One being of sound mind.

See also: Smartical, Smarts, Brain,

Note: Often used in sarcasm.
"If you hit your head on that wall again you're going to lose more of your smarticals!"

"I do have smarticals! I ace all of my classes!"
by Torphius March 07, 2009
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Ok, first of all, all of these definitions are wrong. The REAL definition is: "smart i call myself" squished into 9 letters.

I know this because I made up the word when i was in 7th grade for a school project. We had to fit a word or words into 8 letters (we were making lisence plates). Then I made "smrtical" which is "smartical".

Sorry, I just HAD to clear it up. :D
You can still use it the way the other people where putting it:

Person 1: ur so dumb.
Person 2: smartical bitch.
by CORRECTORRRR September 26, 2009
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Adj- a word use to give an intellectual compliment to one or many groups of people or things.
Kevin is a real Smartical person when it come to giving facts to the children.
by Bert and Ernie January 11, 2017
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