(Short for smacking-banging) When food tastes fucking awesome.
“Those wings were smackin bangin last night.”
by MillerMatt October 8, 2021
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slang for 'smoking pot'
(adult lurks nearby)
Emily: so you up for smackin' pat this weekend ?
Alyson: sure bitch.
by the loose one September 19, 2007
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Smackin' The Kraken is a stereotypical white way of saying "Whacking the sack"
Jack - You know that preppy white kid? He was caught smackin' the kraken in the bathroom yesterday.
Jill - At least he didn't bring his girlfriend up a hill to fuck and threw her off the hill when he was rejected, you asshole.
by Maltox June 9, 2018
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To have sexual intercourse with a girl during her period.
Person 1: Yooo! Don't think I'm nasty but im smackin' the sauce with Stacy tonight.
Person 2: Ahhh, you wild. Smh
by Groovy Nipple May 9, 2018
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A greeting that's sorta like what's crackin', except you also slap them.
What's smackin'? Do you skateboard while you smoke?
by BrianButler December 4, 2006
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To smoke or shoot heroin; in some cases may refer to getting high off of anything other than marijuana.
Doug: "Woooh! I'm 'bout to get it smackin, son!"
Ed: "You a fiend, yo! I don't smoke nothin'but weed."
by TwizzleDee April 30, 2008
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