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1. A large firearms supplier.
2. A brand name of firearms.
3. A berreta firearm, in 90% of cases a pistol.
4. Any pistol to some rappers who know nothing about guns
1. I bought this gun direct from berreta.
2. What type of gun is that?...a Berreta.
3. Check out my berreta man its tight.
4. (R.Kelly) "I pulled out my berreta" but in the video its actually a colt 1991...
by [J.C] July 10, 2005
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To shut someone up by making them look like a dumbass. Mainly, when a person believes’s they are right about a certain thing but, are in fact wrong. For example they believe a (i.e. Person made a certain song) but it fact it is a totally different person so they are proved wrong and humiliated in front of a crowd. It is normally proclaimed by one of the on lookers if they believe the diss is worthy of the recognition.
1. Person 1: "I dont care what you say, drinking everyday is better then smoking weed every day for your body."
Person 2: "Your a fucking moron you obviously believe everything D.A.R.E taught you!"
Crowd: "Ahahahahahahahahah"
Person 3: "Smack-down"
by [J.C] October 28, 2005
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