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The name of a cult sex blog written by a female squatter in London about her fucked-up life.
1. Have you read Slutever recently?

2. Nah.
by Sweetie1234 December 09, 2009
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Used to express a lack of care or exasperation in context to promiscuous and/or sexually indiscriminate activities. Uses a prefix of "slut" instead of the formal "what".
Girl 1: I lost my sweater and dignity at that party last night
Girl 2: Slutever, it happens.

Boy 1: Yo I fucked her
Boy 2: Bro, most of us have
Boy 1: Shit ain't that grimy though?
Boy 2: Nah, slutever.
by johnny_hopkins October 03, 2011
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A manner in which to dismiss something totally if one wishes to be more forceful than what is gained by simply stating, "Whatever." Gives it a little kick and ambiguously insults the victim.
"Nah, I don't think I'm gonna come over and watch Say Anything tonight."

"Shiiiiit, slutever."
by heidi vanderlee February 11, 2006
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1. (Noun) An act that may be considered slutty or whore-like that one deems never to end. Forever + Slut = Slutever.

2. (Exclamation) Expresses disregard when someone accuses you of being slutty or whore-like. Whatever + Slut = Slutever.
1. Kate totally just hooked up with my boyfriend, she's such a slutever.

2. "I can't believe you've hooked up with that many guys."

"Yeah, slutever."
by NewAgeGal January 19, 2013
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