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getting drunk. excessively kickn a few back.
lets get slizard tonight. that shit sounds good to me. i got a case of budweiser so we gettin slizard tonight.
by $nowman'$exy April 26, 2010
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Term for a person whose skin can't handle dry climate so it cracks, peels and bleeds all over the fucking place and makes a mess. Derived from a snake, a reptile who sheds often and completely, and a lizard, who sheds in small patches. Slizards tend to have major problems in places like Las Vegas, where excessive alcohol, sleep deprivation and desert air dehydrate their bodies and skin to a state of disrepair.
"Man, my skin is all fucked up"

"Yeah, you look like a slizard!"
by KenoCab January 14, 2010
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A slimy lizard. AKA an archivist, aka IPOD for the school.
A skinny, dirty greaseball, like a slimy lizard, or a slizard.
by Dirty Slizard April 21, 2008
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