After I left my boring date, I went to the strip bar and got myself into some slithery.
by LAFF July 24, 2005
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That feeling when you're ready for bed after hitting a heavy indica. You can almost feel your bed and blankets surrounding you before you get in.
"Bro im getting super slithery, I'm gunna crash"
by BIG DADDY MURPHY March 5, 2022
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Someone who is known to be nouns such as banwagons double crossers liers and Cheaters
Dude Kevin Durant is such a Slithery snake for going to golden state

Yo Doug told Amanda that I fucked Lisa he’s such a slithery snake
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A Slithery Snake is when a baby snake climbs up a mans urethra and then pisses it back out and the snake says "I'm a slithery little snake!"
by West Virginia Facts February 8, 2018
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Slightly high; the weed equivalent of being “tipsy” on alcohol.
D: Yo, are you feeling it?
S: I’m not quite high yet, just a bit *slithery*
by thogdontcaare June 30, 2023
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The opposite for bitch, slithery male fish. Basically used to insult a dumb individual who identifies as a male.
Y/N : Why are you acting so retarded? Are you a Slithery male fish? You fucker.
by UndermindBean April 14, 2021
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