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A device that can attach to your Tivo or other digital video recorder, which allows you to access and watch your programs over the Internet. You simply log into your computer and watch whatever streaming video you have recorded on your Tivo.
Thanks to my slingbox, I can watch last night's episode of "24" which my Tivo recorded, even though I'm still on vacation.
by Ben Frey March 28, 2006
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Racial slur referring to method of throwing belongings by hispanics crossing the border. Term created from illegal immigrants throwing their belongings, (usually boxed items inside a black garbage bag) over a barricade or across a river.
Term is commonly used by hispanics when retelling tales of entering the country illegally.
-"Did you see how fast he got through that wall??!! that slingboxing bastard!!"

-"hurry up! slingbox your stuff over the wall!!"
by S. Dogood January 16, 2011
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When person has a camel toe and a wedgie at the same time.
That woman's pants were so high and tight, I could totally see her slingbox.
by Dfish November 15, 2013
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