In hockey, when using your leg to take someone off balance from behind by sweeping the back of their knee, often resulting in injury.
That ogre Malkin wasn't called for slewfooting. AGAIN.
by chachooch October 24, 2009
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In the following definition, ice hockey is being used as an example to define slewfoot.
Anonymous 1 (11:43:05 PM): like picture you skating in front of me
Anonymous 1 (11:43:09 PM): and i take my stick
Anonymous 1 (11:43:25 PM): and swing it around with force to the front of your knees
Anonymous 2(11:43:30 PM): gahhh
Anonymous 1 (11:43:32 PM): and then pull it back
Anonymous 1 (11:43:35 PM): and BAM
(Verb)I wanted to use my leg as a lever and slewfoot you.
by DoyDoy November 25, 2007
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