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term used when you need a massive amount of sleep
need sleepage NOW
by sir sleepage August 28, 2003
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1. The economic decline experienced by those who sleep past 9AM. 2. An inverse, causal relationship existing between minutes slept past 9 AM and debt-to-income ratio, suggesting that to arise at early hours, barring access to video games, results in an increase of boredom-induced work hours and higher credit score. 3. The practice of those experiencing sloth-induced poverty; those who despise movement.
1. "I have noticed a sleepage in my financial profile since refusing to get up in the morning."
2. "The mortgage application was declined due to high sleepage ratio."
3. "I laugh at the adage: 'Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.' What were they thinking, isn't that the govenrment's job?"
by Dr. Dettman September 22, 2008
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