A highly-desirable status attainable in one of three ways:
(A) Early to bed, early to rise (although tubby prune-faced ol' Benny didn't seem to "benny-fit" noticeably from THAT load-of-crapola wisdom --- just look at him, 'specially in his later years! So "frankliny", l wouldn't exactly count on this practice to produce all that much in the way of satisfactory results)
(B) Three easy steps: (1) Fake a feeling of illness "healthy" when you go to have your regularly-scheduled checkup. (Extra points if you have Obamacare.) (2) Hire a lawyer whose specialty is hospital/physician-related issues, and file a multi-million-dollar malpractice suit against the doctor who prescribed the incorrect/unnecessary medicine/treatment for your supposed malady that you turned out not to have, after all "wealthy". (3) With your ill-gotten windfall, retire to a private island in the Caribbean and spend a majority of your time studying all the great learned-writers' books Wise".
(C) Become a medical-malpractice lawyer YOURSELF! (Note: Extra points if you **don't** have ObamaCare!)
Pre-med student: I'm not sure I wanna spend my whole life workin' with blood 'n' guts every day.
Medical professor: No worries, Son --- with all of da greedy "healthy, wealthy, and wise" fortune-seekers out there nowadays, you'll likely be spending more time in the COURTroom than the emergency room, and so your daily routine will be far more broken up and less tedious than the doctors of yore hadda endure!
by QuacksO February 23, 2017