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Sleek - ping

IPA slik-pɪŋ

def 1: Verb: an American/Polish slang word for an action of: either slipping, falling, sliding or get dragged across a gymnasium type floor, tile, aluminum or other smooth floor surfaces and manage to get burned/ cut in the process you big baby.

def 2: Adjective: originating from the old Saxon word 'slap' which led to much confusion when a guy asked a girl if she wanted to 'slap' with him. Seeing as he wanted to bed her, he quickly learned the art of inebriation and the word transformed into what we know now as 'sleep'. but still! this drinking thing was working and had transformed this lovely word, 'sleek' or 'sleekping'. Allowing the host to still somehow get the point across to any young depressed maiden. Thus later in the night, busting into the flat and startling the roomate who states "what the heck?! I'm having my parents over for dinner, do that somewhere else!" the host can look at the roomies mother coyly whilst draped over said maiden and say "shhh shh wez gonnabe sleepking mk?" then maniacally laugh and do the bidding in the next room being keenly aware the walls are equivalent to a Japanese tea house.
I just finished sleekping, I'm going to try long sleeves next time.
by deconqueror March 19, 2014
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