The exposed side view of a breast thru loose fitting clothing like sideboob
Check it out, that girls tanktop is so loose you can totally see her sleavage!
by Dash8 December 25, 2005
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The side view of a breast in loose fitting clothing, also called side boobage
hey check out that big tanktop she's wearing, you can totally see her sleavage!
by Dash8 November 9, 2005
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the outermost part of a womans breast visible though the side of a tank top, specifically the under arm
"woah did you see the sleavage on that chick? I could almost see the whole boob"
by james prete January 4, 2008
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When a woman has such large breasts that they have a crease by the sleeve. Boobs cleavage.
Dude she wore a tank top and you could see her sleavage.
by musakguy November 21, 2019
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Also, know as armpit fat is a pocket of fat right between the breast and armpit region. It is one of the most photoshopped parts of a model's body. Men and women can have them, however, women are more prone die to he breast region being composed of fat. It is normal for most women. It is larger in women who have lost weight or have been wearing the wrong bra size leading to constriction of fat to that area.
One of the many imperfections I have is that I have sleavage, but I've realised it adds softness to my shape.
by Button02 September 18, 2018
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