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(noun) 1. The danger zone or the Powell Avenue Projects of Newburgh, NY. 2. YOu will never sleep here because it's the cousin of death. 3. The creators of the word slamdance.
1. "Yo, things got mad wild last night like it was 408."
2. "Nah chyll, it's to 408 for me."
by FanToes February 11, 2008
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(noun) 1. The art of engaging in foozeball mixed with boozing. 2. The leading offenders score equals one second of chugging beer, the secondary offenders score equals two chugs, the midfielders score equals three chugs, goalline defense equals four seconds of chugging and scoring in your own goal equals five seconds chugging. 3. The game that seperates the men from the boyz.
1. "Let's play some boozeball."
2. " What you do last night before you slamdanced, played boozeball at 408?"
3. "Yo we going to the party later, want to pregame by playing some boozeball?"
by FanToes February 11, 2008
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(verb) 1. To engage or perform an act of sexual intercourse. 2. The art of woo'ing women to come back to your room to procreate, with or without the glove. 3. A mixture of the hokie pokie and electric slide, naked.
1. "Yo Matt are you going to ask that girl to slamdance?"
2. "Hell man, imma ask seven girls to slamdance tonight!"
3. "Hey, what do you say after this party we go back to my room and slamdance?"
by FanToes February 10, 2008
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