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To give up doing something important and worthwhile just so you can laze around
"Why didn't you come around on the weekend? We all went skateboarding"
"I wanted to play xbox, so something had to be slackrificed"
by StitchG June 30, 2005
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1. Wherein a study group full of slackers designates a member to do all of the work.

2. To designate a member of the study group to do all of the work.
Man, I can't hang out this weekend, my group chose me as the slackrifice for this book report.

Yo man, I got slackrificed to finish that project on the history of China.

Alright Johnny, we're slackrificing you for this one. Don't mess it up.
by ASCMMC February 25, 2014
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When a slackliner (usually trickliner) makes a sacrifice of his or her physical health in order to progress or learn a new trick.
Dude, that was some gnarly slackrifice on that 540! The slackgods will repay you.
by Jragers April 02, 2015
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