someone who does the least that is required. in school they take classes that require the least amount of effort such as band or if possible a study hall and in those classes they play cards if possible. slackers also procrastinate often. they are also often characterized by laziness.
i am a slacker, you should be too
by someone March 16, 2005
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An accolite of the Church of Subgenius. A person who chooses the path of least resistance.
Norm: "Shizzle dude, it's time for work..."
Accolite: "..Tell em I cant go in because my religion forbids it"
by DBob July 08, 2004
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buy the domain for your travel site
- Avoid effort like plague
- Learn the art of Procrastination
- Generally avoid doing all things avoiding labour
- Get an online career
- What you must do, do half-heartedly
- Get an online job!!
- The fastest you will ever move will be while attempting to escape a labourous activity
- High School student?...hooky Gym Class

slacker slacker slacker slacker is an art
by ohwefoh September 29, 2006
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A lazy azz person who instead of doing work, sits his azz on the couch and watches TV, plays video game, eats alot of food and never worries about anything because he know he will get the job done at the last minute and in the end just chill.
I am a slacker/bum/lowlife.
by PSX December 19, 2005
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To smart to work, he thinks. Or she thinks.

An underachiever or irritatingly laid-back character.
Possibly disorganised, possibly prone to procrastination.

There can be a bit more to it than mere laziness or sloppiness, a perception that the rat race isn't worth it and shop-till-you-drop a surrogate happiness of low quality, and a slow poison, too. So this kind of slacker might (or might not) be dedicated to what he or she does (paragliding, for example), but would probably not list “climbing the corporate ladder” as an ambition or “shopping” as a hobby. May be a bit of a “Generation X” thing.
Hear Beck's song “Loser” or see the video for Soundgarden's “Black Hole Sun”.

B: “You know, while you got cash I had a look at the profiles you had your class fill out. Would you believe more than two third of the girls and several of the boys listed “shopping” as a hobby?
I mean, most of the girls I went to school with were crazy about buying all kinds of stuff and they would disappear in shoe shops for days, but list “shopping” as a hobby? No one would have thought of it as a damn “hobby”! And even if someone had, they still wouldn't have dared to admit they're so damn shallow. What has the world come to?

G: “Yeah, I know. Nothing to be done about that. The shits are doomed and so are we. You should see their parents. Now get off your butt and out of the car, you little slacker, we still need to get groceries.”
by So? July 10, 2008
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someone who procrastinates so hard that they do the work the morning before it's due, if they do it at all. Someone who is even too lazy to copy, so they get someone to copy FOR them.
"Did you see Raman this morning? he was copying andreas science worK!"

"I know what a slacker"
by Bob November 01, 2006
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