Skylab is another word for: complete failure.
That will work as good as skylab did.
by BICCIEMA November 15, 2017
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A nickname for a modified motorcycle that is added with a bench or - any long plank - at the backseat, placed crossways for the purpose of acquiring extra seats for more passengers. These extra seats resemble the 'wings' or the solar panels at the side of the eponymous space station.
Dangerous skylab motorcycles dominate the transportation mode in many hinterlands in the Philippines.
by enixbr86 December 13, 2018
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Skylab is an American space station, but can also be used as a definition for: A Complete, Absolute and Utmost failure.
Josh: Well done. You failed that test and now you won't get into Oxford University. Well done you fat bastard.
Cody: Screw you! Your test went as good as SkyLab!
Josh: Shut up Cody your mum's a whale!
by Quetzalcoatlus November 18, 2017
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