When someone is so high on drugs, they loose contact with the real world in their mind.With this type of high a person acts like they are fearless and unbeatable.
Man Matt was so skyhigh last night at the concert, he was acting like a weirdo plus he was puking.
by Isayah Sanjay February 10, 2008
Being at the top of the game. One who is superior than everyone else.
Mayn that foo is straight up skyhigh.
by Steven May 2, 2004
The most overated gorilla tag tiktoker. Likes to troll and annoy others, running alot. Kinda fit, healthy, likes to share with others. A nice person.
“Hi skyhigh..vr how are you, you look nice”
by Skyhighvrr April 18, 2022
A certain act of anal intercourse while falling out of a plane, in which the reciever has a case of rampant diarrhea, resulting in fecal matter being scattered about, covering his or her partner, any passing-by avian creatures- and in a few minutes time, the Earth below- in the unpleasant substance.

It has never been documented of anyone attempting the actual act, but the phrase is still used to describe situations that are messy, disastrous, confusing, or 'royally fucked up.'
My parents are gonna kill me. I threw this party last night, and now the place is a skyhigh shitfuck.
by nowyouseeme September 7, 2010