A female of the human species
hey man, there's a decent skuzzie, i would bone her!

there's a dirty scuzzie, wouldn't touch her with a barge pole.
by scraned August 4, 2008
A Mexican Youth affiliated with crime,Gangs,and hoodlums
I busted a Cap in dat Skuzzyz azz.
by ToNyDaSKuzZ August 20, 2004
A Skuzzy Onion is someone who is nasty and a scrub. Skuzzy Onion can be saw as wearing dirty clothes, Smelling like sex (B.O or any bodily fluid/Odor) and someone who does not take care of themselves.
John: Ew, Whats the smell?
Steve: Sorry dude, I didnt shower yet.
John: Dude your such a skuzzy Onion.

Valeria: Wheres Amber?
Ashley: Oh, you mean Skuzzy Onion?
Valeria: How is she a Skuzzy Onion?
Ashley: Because when she slept over my house last night she smelled like pure sex.
by HilariouslySilent February 5, 2011
Your garden variety whore who has Bleach Blonde hair on the top and Black underneath. This person usually is married but sleeps with anything that will talk to her. They are usually broke off their ass with several kids, gets fired from jobs, get cars repoed on a routine basis along with getting their heat shut up and about 100 collection calls a day.

They don't have absolutely any $ to pay their bills (even the minimum on their credit cards) but yet they already have 20 credit cards almost all maxed out so they apply for another one and go buy bleach for their hair, more skin tight pants so their camel toe hangs out, get their nails done, buy fake designer purses, and buys economy size boxes of rubbers for all the guys she bangs besides her husband so she don't spread her Herpes anymore.

They also are the kind of people who act like they have it made in their life with nice things but really they are on Welfare, get food stamps, housing and heating assistance, and free health insurance so they can have yet another kid that isn't their husbands.

This person just basically sucks at life!
Heidi is such a Skeezy Skuzzy Skunky Skank, you think she'd keep her legs closed so she doesn't get knocked up again. Looks like I'll be paying for this baby too since she's a welfare case.

Pretty soon she's going to have to take a whole school bus load of dudes on Maury to test for all the baby's daddy's. #42 you are NOT the Father, who's next take a #. Ha Ha
by SassyJax01 December 7, 2010