Used to emphasize the extent to which one individual owns another, typically in a fight. Often times, the skull fuckee will have had their head cracked open while the skull fucker will proceed to make use of the newly created orifice.
Wow, that guy got his shit rocked on magazine street last night, buddy absolutely skull fucked him.
by the3rd January 23, 2011
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the act of cutting or shooting a hole in someone's head and sticking your penis in it
"That girl was so hot I'd skull fuck her!"
by Birrox February 11, 2015
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Put a cap in your ass popular from saints row
Johnny Gat to ben king:Ima Skull Fuck that bitch
The playa (the protagonist you): Hope you don't mind hepatitis

Johnny Gat:What? (elevator dings all of you exit)
by Fingerblaster43 September 24, 2017
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When you're giving a guy a head and he insists on thrusting.
Rob skull-fucked me so hard last night.
by christine December 16, 2004
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v. 1) To remove an/the eye of an entity (usually the mammilian boned creature, H. Sapian) from it socket and insert a phallus, or phallic object into the cavity, repeatedly. In the case of an actual penis being inserted, ocular-fornication is continued until ejaculation.
n. a reference to "Full Metal Jacket"
"I'm gonna give you three seconds, exactly three fuckin' seconds, to wipe that stupid lookin' grin off your face or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-fuck you! " -Sgt. Hartman, Full Metal Jacket
by Epiphyte October 30, 2003
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A term used by the adult film industry to describe rough or aggressive oral sex the term and its use is credited to the adult film star Jonny toxic in the early 1990's. Descriptions of other origins and or activities are incorrect, the industry also refers to these actions as "forced" or "brutal" oral sex. The term is among the most searched terms in all of the adult film industry.
That chick gave some good oral sex, she let me finish by skull fucking her. This can be used both ways, girls in the industry also use this term when they aggressively ride a males face with their genital areas!!
by Urbanswervin June 30, 2015
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A derogatory term used to describe the violent incertion of the penis into the mouth. In most cases the male or female on the giving end makes little movement, while the participent on the giving end thrusts their hips.
by bucky_b May 23, 2008
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