Dip tobacco that is pretty much for pussies who can't handle straight or wintergreen, and need to have some fruity shit in their lip.
"Want to go pack some citrus skoal?"
"That shits for pussies, I got kodiak wintergreen."
by orangelego May 09, 2010
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An exclamation/interjection in a toasting ceremony. From Nordic "skål", which is used for raising a toast and also means bowl.
- Bottom's up mate !
- Skoal !
by cedrcr4 March 15, 2015
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The pussiest brand of smokeless tobacco that sucks more dick than Sam hunt mainly used by guys with a vagina and Sam hunt fans you can hear buckle bunny asking to buy a tin of but a real cowboy will buy a tin of Copenhagen snuff
See that queer over there that is gayer than Sam hunt and AIDS fucking In the bathroom at the John Lennon concert he dips Skoal
by Yee yee cope January 26, 2017
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1) A small legendary bear like animal that lives in mountains and low lying praeries.

2) Smokeless tobacco for pussies that can't handle real shit.

3) Smokeless tobacco for rich people.
1. "Hey I saw a skoal once."
"No you didn't, they don't exists!"

2. That 13 year old was packing skoal to look like the man.

3. That shithead is so rich he can afford to pack skoal.
by The Mountain Skoal July 16, 2006
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