When someone has explosive diarrhea; also known as an ass- blast. Can also be used when refering to a terd.
That sick bastard always leaves skibblets in the toilet, and doesn't think I know that it is him.
by rachelle(wouldn't u like to know) September 12, 2006
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An adjective used to describe really fu*king stupid people who act as victims after causing selfinflicted damage to themselves by saying some real stupid sh1t

skibblet = real fu*king stupid person
P1: «lmfao people who wear bunads in Norway look real fu*king stupid lol»
P2: «atleast they dont have to worry about surviving the day while in school»
P1: «yo thats so disrespectful... how can you make jokes about school shootings
P2: «you fu*king skibblet»
by toxicboy May 29, 2021
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