Short for "whatever" or "it's okay". The etymology comes from the common abbreviations of these two words, "whatevs" and "s'kay". Combining the two playfully gives us "skevskies", or simply, "skev".
David: "Hey man wanna hit the gym later?"
Kyle: "No fuck dude my mom just died leave me alone"
David: "skev"
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One who blocks skev-e's. (dirty people usually at bars that you DO NOT want talking to you)
ex: Ewe that guys is so gross, where is my skev-e-blocker?
by Jenniferb June 20, 2008
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St Kevin’s College in Melbourne, Australia.

The wankers on the trams harrasing girls and screaming mysogonistic chants in the weird blue, green and yellow uniforms

Home of pedo priests and teachers

Boys who go there try to act straight by chatting up loreto girls at least 2 years younger than them to cover up being gay
Bloke 1: I go to skevs
Bloke 2: Do you take up up the arse from your english teacher?
by July 21, 2021
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