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A skater that has nothing better to do then skateboard, so he/she skateboards every day of the week, no matter the weather or condition, out of sheer boredom or desire to go pro or get sponsored.
Me and Nic are such skate rats.
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 24, 2003
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An idividual, usually teenager,who is just laid back about life, and feels more comfortable traveling by skateboard than on their own two feet. Skaterats are easy to spot they are usually wearing a band or skate brand shirt, tightish jeans, sometimes a hat(usually a skatebrand fitted of a beanie), surrounded by a big group of friends(usually dressed the same),usually getting in trouble for some reason, and they will basically always have a board with them.
Rob Dyrdek is a skaterat
by SkAtErAt4LiFe March 15, 2009
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Someone who has no life so they spend it skating and hanging around other no lifes. They are dirty and seem to refuse to keep up personal hygiene.
"Look at those skaterats"
"Yea they're disgusting"
by Jax87 July 26, 2015
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