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A tantalizing pub dish best served in the wee morning hours. Upon spending a foggy evening indulging in your favorite scotch, draft, or brew; skankaroni is the only meal a man needs to sate his drunken lust for coitus.

In an empirical sense, skankaroni is defined as sexual congress with an "attractive" female with gregariously skanky sexual proclivities. Skankaroni, alludes to the quick and convenient meal, Kraft macaroni and cheese. It's cinch score that any man worth his mettle can master.
Coke & Captain Morgan Douche: *Pelvic thrusting* Hurry up! Let's hit up The Scottsdale Bar tonight. Word on the street is the skankaroni there is buffet ready!

Monster & Grey Goose Douche: *Sculpts blowout* Hell yes! The Scottsdale Bar is featuring DJ Wiiesto tonight. Hey... What the hell is "skankaroni"?

RedBull & Patron Douche: *Shaving chest* What! Bro'nie Madoff you haven't heard of skankaroni? It's possibly the best way to hook up! Just spit some game in a club skank's ear and she'll give it up easy... like Kraft Easy Mac!!! Get plate son! You dining on skankaroni and cheese tonight!
by Define Me! November 30, 2009
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1. A girl who would do anything to please a man. Usually vile acts.
2. Eating a Chef Boyardee product out of a girls vagina, typically Beefaroni
Guy 1: Did you here what the girl let Jim do to her.
Guy 2: Yeah she is a total skankaroni
by Wimmerton December 29, 2009
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