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One of the most lovable and sweet guys, you will ever meet. When he gives you a hug, you never want to let go. When you first meet him, he appears to be quiet and soft spoken, but as time goes on he begins to open up about his thoughts and ideas. It is impossible to keep track of time, when he is in your presence. He has a remarkable sense of dry humor, even when he does not try, Skanda can make you laugh uncontrollably. Intelligent and resolute, he does exceptionably well in school, on projects and homework. Being intuitive, Skanda has a myriad of innovative ideas that will one day end up changing the world in some way or another. Although he is a little cluttered, he manages to keep track of the consequential things, for the most part. Most Skandas make references to shows and movies, when it is needed. Sometimes, he has a sarcastic attitude. Skanda becomes worried, easily, and always has the best intentions. You wish you could spend all your time with him. One kiss will leave you in a dream state for a week or two. Skanda has the power to make you feel a multitude of emotions. One moment, you can be crying and the next, you can be chuckling. He always knows what to say at the perfect moment. You can tell him anything and he will give you a consummate answer from the heart. His friends, sometimes, have debates with him. He is romantic, but always keeps you on your toes. You never want him to leave your side. Everything seems so real, yet so unimaginable.
Skanda is one of my best friends
by Dancingintherainwithhugs September 15, 2013
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