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comming home one night from area 57 indoor skatepark in LO-RANE ohio nikola decided he wanted to make a ''skateboard gang'' him and kiethizzle called it ''SKAFiA'' or ''skateboard mafia'' popularized by the g-town skate krew in the early 2000s recently joining forces with rival skate krew named FTC or ''fuck tha cops''....we ar currently working on the ftc/skafia video ''save our neighborhood'' comming soon to a dvd store near you(probably not near you bitches!)and remember SKAFiA/FTC bitches!!!
have you ever seen those skafia bitches roll, you get in thur way they will glank yo bitch ass honkay!!
by Mitchgnarrr and 5 dimes March 04, 2005
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a. A god-like programmer
b. A Ska-Rock band out of Ann Arbor, Michigan
a. Skafia owns.

b. The Skafia makes me want to skank hardcore.
by Jo Momma March 03, 2004
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God-like programmer/most awesome person living in the suburbs of the Inland Empire, CA.

His interests are that of computers, highly efficient Hondas, and punk-rock music.

Be aware, his social status is so elevated that he probably won't even acknowledge your presence.
Holy shit, is that skafia? We must bow down to him.
by Ngoan Nguyen December 29, 2003
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