A Term used to describe a person that is not only gay, but is also not happy unless they are making sure it is very very obvious.
That guy is just plain sjv. I know hes gay and thats cool, but does he really need to rub it in your face like that!!

Example: Little Britain's favourite gay villager, Daffyd Thomas: "I'm the only gay in the village"
by Daffyd_Thomas March 25, 2006
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*In CS you get shot in head through a wall*
Get fucked!! That was sjv.
by shaz June 26, 2004
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Abbreviation. Sensitive Juvenile Vagina. Used to describe someone not happy unless their sexualising is the center of attention. Similar to the vegan stereotype.
That guy is such an sjv, just shit up about where you rub your junk already.
by YoureBoringMe May 25, 2023
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Extremely popular high school which has amazing sports, ugly uniforms, and whores. The thing that ties this school together is that it is a simulation. No one can name the location of this school. Hell, I can’t even name a normal person who attends SJV. Because it is not a real fucking school so now the joke is over. It is not real. Wake up.
“Yeah, he is just not real.” “Makes sense, he goes to SJV high school.”
by idontcareshush December 28, 2022
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