when someone wants to fight you and to basically get on their level; usually said by someone bigger to someone smaller (in height)
boy: I know you aint messin' around with my girl
2nd boy: wanna fight me for it? let's go, size me up!
by private.school.h0mboi February 4, 2011
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the guy “sizes you up” like he’s basically just trying to figure out whether he can fit inside you or not.
“sizes you up”
there he stood in the door opening of my house.
looking at me up and down slowly taking in everything of me.
he was watching me for multiple minutes , looking like was figuring something out.
“Is there something on my thighs or are you just being a pervert?” i asked.
he smirked before he said : “ just looking if i would fit”.
i raised my eyebrow , was he sizing me up? why would he look at my thighs and debate on if he would fit? he already knew he did.
“you were sizing me up?” i asked “pervert”
before being able to roll my eyes.
the man walked towards me and held me against the wall.
don’t you dare roll your eyes princess”.
by AnxOus July 17, 2021
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combination of larger than standard wheels with lower profile tires to keep the original tread diameter
Most ricers have up-sized wheels.
by Geek-O-Man February 20, 2005
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to see if a guys shlong will fit in you
id size her up at times to see if id fit in her
by seggsywh0re ;p July 18, 2021
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When a guy looks a a girls thighs to determine if his thing will fit or not, if her thighs are bigger the harder it will be if they're smaller the easier it will be
"why you staring at her thighs?"

"just sizing up"

by ilikethetasteofwater July 31, 2021
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