A popular Tamil (language) phrase that means 'douchebag from the scarb area'
yo stop being a sivakumar
by Amogan March 30, 2017
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Suriya is a comedy king of Kollywood. He is known for his jealousy among other actors. He could not digest co actors success. So he asks directors to make story that would destroy his co actors career. But unfortunately it will destroy his career and he will sit in corner. He don't have hit movie for 10 years. He is the joker of Kollywood.
Hey, why are you being jealousy like Suriya Sivakumar. Get lost man.

Don't behave like Suriya Dude, be happy for what you have.
by Sai Rider July 27, 2021
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One of it's kind personality. Loveable, Caring, Giving and Kind. An ordinary person living a simple life. Easy to speak to him when he smiles. His smiles speaks a thousand words.

You can safely be with him as he is natural protector.
You will know Sivakumar Mahathevan from his smile......
by C'va November 22, 2021
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