Let me tell you something. Here at Apple we have a standard response for this kind of request. It's called siooma. Have you heard of it?
by DudeAbides August 14, 2007
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Acronym: Suck it out of my ass.

Pronunciation: see-OO-mah
Similar to: Blow it out your ass.
You want what?! Siooma, motherfucker!
by MackityMac August 16, 2007
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Siooma is an acronym which stands for "Suck It Out Of My Ass". Coined by El Jobso, siooma is a standard response at Apple Inc. to legal threats and shakedowns from frigtards.

It is not, as some frigtards mistakenly believe, "some kind of Hindu word from Tibet or something".
Microsoft legal: You are violating 200 of our patents in the upcoming version of Mac OS X.

Apple legal: Which specific patents are we violating?

Microsoft legal: We cannot tell you because they are trade secrets.

Apple legal: Siooma.
by hoofed August 16, 2007
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