A substitution for a shower when there is not enough time for a full shower, but you still have some mad bedhead. In order to take a sink shower, stick your head under the faucet and turn it on. If done right, your girlfriend won't be able to tell the difference.
Some deodorant may also be necessary to complete the illusion.
Girl: Wow, I like your hair today. What did you do?
Guy: To be honest, I just went for the sink shower.
Girl: That's nasty.
Guy: What was I supposed to do? We had 5 minutes and my hair looked like a mushroom.

Guy: I'm gonna go grab a sink shower before we go.
Guy 2: Hellz yeah.
by The Fourth Tenor June 22, 2008
A word used to describe when you splash a bit of water on yourself or wash your hair in the sink. You come home from football practice, but you're too exhausted to take a shower. You turn on the sink and splash a bit of water on your face and arms. Or you don't have enough time to take a full shower, so you wet your hair in the sink.
I came home from football practice where we had two-a-days. I was way too exhausted to take a shower so I just took a sink shower because my arms and face were sweaty.
by XtraRare August 23, 2010
When someone that has stayed at your home really wants to shower, but doesn't feel like making their way back home yet. So instead they decide to use a sink in your house just to wash their hair, so they can continue doing social things without having to look like a scumbag

Can also be preformed at your own home by yourself when you're either:
A. Straight up lazy
B. In a rush
Man.. I really want to shower but I'm too hungover to walk back to my house right now. Is it cool if I do some Shower-sinking in your kitchen?
by Jabuuu August 6, 2010