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-noun. A human-like race who takes great pride in their physical skills and heightened senses. They are physically identified with having pointed ears, being very tall, having odd-colored eyes and bright-colored hair.

Siniks were once thought to be elves, but have been found to be branched off from them. They have hidden away in their own factions for the most part.

Quick Facts:
-Siniks are, on average, six inches taller than humans.
-Which, in turn, makes them quite larger in the pants/chest area.
-They love to have sex, and are known to go through "sexual withdrawals" if they suddenly stop having it.
-Siniks are also known for violent tendencies. They enjoy getting into fights and even killing.
-When siniks fall deep into love, they go through a passionate "mating ritual" in order to reproduce. They can not merely reproduce with sex. This ritual is very secretive, and siniks have it hard-wired into their minds from birth. If a human/elf/etc happens to be a lover to a sinik, they are forced to wear a blindfold through the entire ritual.
-Siniks live to about 200 years old, with a cap at 250.
You're pretty short for a sinik.
by Jordan Tao M. February 20, 2008
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