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When a single guy rufies a handful of ladies (3-6) at the same time, and takes them back to his place to "mingle."
Example 1:
Bro 1: Dude that party was so wild. I single mingled 4 girls in my dorm room.
Bro 2: I know! I single mingled 12, some of which had just left your room.

Example 2:
Girl Roommate 1: I don't remember anything from last night, what happened? All I know is my ass hurts so bad.
Girl Roommate 2: Oh my gosh, me too! My b-hole is twice the size it was yesterday.
Girl Roommate 3: **Limps into the room** I think we got single mingled.
by the single mingler September 14, 2011
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describing a person just coming out of a relationship wishing to become a 'single mingle'. this means wanting time out of a relationship to be free and single, whilst mingling around.


to 'single mingle' around.
"although i'm upset to have broken up with Michael, i'm glad now i can be a single mingle again."

"ah finally, im free, now i can single mingle around!"
by lozmicht4 March 18, 2010
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