Simp's law is an adage that simply states that if you need to ask whether or not you're simping, then you definitely are. Coined by Chaddus Thundercoccoppolus, the Greek philosopher, in the 5th Century BC.
"Simp's law, Bretheren. It's very simple; if you need to ask whether or not something is simping, it is" - Marcus Aurelius
by mistahroga May 09, 2020
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When caitlonias says " I love you *** **** , you are my bestfreind and my favorite person and I want to breed with you so hard"
Can you believe it? Its like simps-R-US over here
by Hugh janus888 June 13, 2021
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The time and date a "shitlib" Monica-"mask on in car always" got their 4th or 5th jab to keep from getting the common cold because they already survived the first two blood clots, but they have no natural immunity in their body to infections because they totally believed what MSDNC and Collectivist Noose Nutworxs told them!
Damn Monica will be out another two weeks from her hairdressing job, due to illness, she got her third "simp-stamp" this year!
by jayskind1 October 17, 2021
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Female who allows/sucks up to a simp for any reason, but mainly "pity", even though they think there annoying and complain to others about him.
She keeps talking to him even though she said he annoys her, she`s such a simp sucker.
by ShadowRocks2 March 31, 2020
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