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A prostitute with a colostomy bag he can remove to give male customers some sidepocket.
That bum over there just got a colostomy bag and is trying to sell his sidepocket for crack!
(as evidenced outside Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX)
by waco_huber December 13, 2010
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The filthiest of prostitutes. A prostitute that sells access to their colostomy hole. This is also a prostitute of the drug addicted and homeless variety. Can also be another name for a colostomy hole. The term comes from a prostitute from Dallas who has become a local celebrity because of his trips to the emergency rooms of Dallas hospitals; and the fact that he literally has EVERY STD and form of hepatitis.
You are such a side-pocket!
by Los026 December 10, 2010
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1. Blackout in a moutherfuckin' bottle. At about $2.50 a 40 oz. with an alcoholic concentration of 10.5 percent , this low-dignity malt beverage is the cheapest, quickest way to exit this dimension next to either butt chugging every Windex bottle in your house or channeling your inner meth head and throwing back some of that blue juice from under the sink.

Tastes like horse pussy and cat shit. Drinking three or more of these in a 12-hour period automatically results in death. Drinking two of these bad boys in that same period results in regretable life decisions that will have your parents questioning why the fuck they had kids ... and why they didn't abort you via coat hanger.

Disclaimer: if you imbibe this beverage, you might as well dress up like a sailor and take a trip down to your nearest harpoon emporium because when you're a couple of side pockets deep you might nab yourself a Moby Dick or two. But hey, fat girls need love as well. Just look at Precious.

As if this couldn't get any worse, a side pocket is also known as a prostitute who will let you fuck their colostomy hole. To be honest, one too many Side Pockets 40s is probably the motive behind many a people becoming such dirty barnyard whores in the first place. Just ask your mom.

2. The official malt beverage of the National Homeless League.
Confucius say don't drink this shit.

Fun fact, Dewey Cox chopped his brother in half in the Great Machete Fight of 1969-69 because he was so shithoused off Side Pocket. DARF!
by CreambayWhackersVs.Titsburg December 06, 2016
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A gay man who likes to BOTH fuck and to get fucked; one who is not exclusively a TOP or a BOTTOM but is a SIDEPOCKET. More chill than versatile.
NSA 25 yr. old sidepocket here looking for top or bottom NOW. Can give or get as long as someone get fucked and we both get off.
by JimTimH. December 10, 2010
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the front passenger seat of automobile. same as calling 'shotgun'.
"Get in the side pocket, do not leave the side pocket."
"I got side pocket!"
by Wazula October 18, 2006
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