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1. An immensely talented and good-looking actress best known for her role in the popular but unfortunately short-lived sci-fi series Firefly. Unfortunately, the sky was taken from the struggling cast and crew by Fox, who decided that giving such a masterpiece a chance to flourish, along with the associated shininess that Ms. Staite brought, would be unthinkable. In spite of this unprecedented act of douchebaggery and the blow it dealt to the potential of her ever playing a great role in a quality production again, she continues to amuse others for the betterment of mankind by being extremely hilarious.

2. I dun no who dis Jewl Statie bitch is but she suxxx!!!!! I men she got dr Becket fired an stuff!!!!1

The first definition is much more widely accepted throughout the civilized world by the virtue of being correct.

Also, she's taken. Sorry gentlemen (and ladies).
Jewel Staite is one of the shiniest human beings to have ever lived.
by soundslikestrawberry February 03, 2011
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