"fucking great"
term widely used by wankers,and a large number of the black youth from the birmingham area, mainly the type who sit at the back of busses waitin 2 rob fones off of grannys.
"whos is dem der sickers trainys?"

"pass me a a tag on dat bleet,dese solids is sickers"

"yo kidda, gimme a look at ya sickers fone"
by Bulla September 6, 2003
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A person with the high potential to replace your ex-lover.
I’m searching for a sicker

Went on a date with melissa, she could be a sicker

What happened to the sicker you were with last week?
by drkchld April 24, 2022
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A party pooper or some one who ruins the fun.
"This is gonna be so much fun!I luv dances."Tabitha says. "No way dances suck and I'm going to spray paint the walls right in the middle of it."Joey says."Your A Sicker no fair."Tabitha replies.
by DevinaGillis September 13, 2009
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Read the example and it'll explain itself.
* Gloria feeling sick *
GLORIA - i just felt sicker out of nowhere :S
JASON - sicker? baby thats not a word
GLORIA - LMAO. it is now :) ill go put it in urbandictionary now
by ~gee.Dowgg May 15, 2008
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A tremendously slutty girl who enjoy's sucking dick. Often drunkenly said instead of dick sucker on purpose or by accident.
Ask that slut Aly for a blowjob. She's a duck sicker.
by Scooter scoot March 3, 2009
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A yute who has been there since day one and will forever be a real one. Typically stated by a ‘Toronto man
Broski... don’t get it twisted. Your a sicker yute no cap.
by Yeosy September 27, 2020
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