Amazed or surprised by something or someone
EX: I’m sick you’re getting off like that
EX: I’m so sick you think you’re cool
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by Aziathatbitvh September 05, 2018
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awesome, lame, pretty much anything you want...sick!!! invented by a sick boss
You got CRV again? Sickkkkkkkkkk!!!!!
by Da Passion May 27, 2015
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Originated in Detroit, Michigan (possibly the Eastside).

Used when one is excited or surprised of someone else doing great things. Also can be used when one is shocked about something.
Jesse: "Dog I see you wearing them all white buffs, Im sick you getting off like that!"
LOM Rudy: "Im sick they caught me in my prime like Im Optimus"
2Stummer: "Im sick they taking my urban dictionary definitions and putting them on T-shirts and I aint getting profit" (subs)
by 2 Stummers November 10, 2018
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Summer: oh Reanna (my name) you look sick
Me:oh thanks for telling my that I look shitty as fuck
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by Pice_of_actual_garbage September 29, 2017
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When someone says something and you don't care
Zach: hey, i got a 90 on that math test
Mike: SICK!...
by Hugh Janus the third October 11, 2016
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