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if you accept the definition of a word as some letters surrounded by a gap
person 1: hi
person 3.194813: hrrkrkrkrwpfrbrbrbrlablblblblbwhitoo’ap
person 1: what
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“shut the fucking shit up” is a phrase that basically means “shut the fuck up” (refer to shut the fuck up) but with more emphasis on the “fuck” part.

person 2: shut the fucking shit up

person 1: >:(
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that one roblox word that bypasses “fuck”
robloxian 1: hi
robloxian 2: fujick you
robloxian 1: :(
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being wrong is the opposite of being right
being right is the opposite of being wrong
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ducc go quacc quacc and also make other ducc sound like “quac” and “quaccc”
person 1: omg holy fucc i just learnt that ducc go quacc

person 2: yes did you know that ducc also make silly sound like “quac” too

person 1: i did not know that, thank you
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the other person who witnessed person 21’s death
person 20: *kills person 21*
person 1: *insert text here*
person 22: now what in the diddly dang urban dictionary world is this
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