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She's sweet and caring and Trustworthy. She'll always listen to you and she can always make you feel better. She is a great friend and is always reliable. Over all she's amazing.
That girl is such a Shruti, she's so sweet and nice.
by cupcake1254 December 10, 2016
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1)The power of hearing, according to sacred Indian texts.

2) The śruti ("thing heard", "sound"; written also sruti or shruti) is the smallest interval of the tuning system in Indian classical music.
eg: 2:1 is taken as distance between same Swar Shruti Sa to Sa wherein Sa is equivalent to Do of do, re, me.
by Shruts February 05, 2010
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Hot, with a hint of naughty, and an attitude to go with it. You'll never know what hit you.
I just cant get enough of her, that girl's one hell of a shruti!!
by Macsmack February 21, 2009
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The beauty of silence betwbetween the two swaras sa and re (equivalent to do and re )

Knowledge that is heard

The most reliable person who is trustworthy.
A different attitude all over.
Friendly and really helpful.
Good orators and very well at understanding and expressing.
Oh ! You heard her , she nailed it right in. What a shruti!
by Into_making May 02, 2018
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