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Not to be confused with roommate, a shroommate is one who you share your shrooms and trip balls with. Often times college students are in fact shroommates with their roommate.
Student: You study for the exam today Jeff?
Jeff: Nah man I just did shrooms with my shroommate, we were gonna get some munchies at the vending machine but a pregnant latina unicorn was there so we bailed.
by uzi does it April 09, 2010
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those two guys (or gals) who live together and do drugs together all the time.
I've become sensitized to interesting smells since moving in next-door to the shroommates.
by thisgirl10 December 22, 2009
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The transcendental effects of psilocybin mushrooms can improve interpersonal relationships between users.

A shroommate is a person with whom you now have an honest, clear, warm or spiritual relationship, solely because you took magic mushrooms together and experienced the mystical effects together.
Dan: You guys invited Larry yesterday?? Wasn't he awkward?

George: No, man... He was at first, but then we all took shrooms and had a great time. Larry and I talked for hours. We're total shroommates now.
by meowfulcopter June 17, 2011
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