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A female with an ugly and unpleasant disposition. Usually the female is a real chunky bitch, with an inordinate amount of self-importance.
Xander: wow...that Heather bitch is a real shroll!

Jon: do you want me to lank out on her?

Xander: nah...forget it, she might fuckin' eat ya dude.

Jon: fuckin' shroll...
by MagnusAlexandros April 01, 2007
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To be hung like a horse.
A really ugly guy with a huge penis.
Female: "Man look at that guy he is so ugly!"

Female Friend: "Yeah but he is such a Shroll girl! He has a huge dick and knows how to work it!"

Female: "Wow thats what I'm talking about! I bet all the Shroll females are loose as my slutty caboose!"
by Big Timmay boy September 09, 2009
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In the genius of Troll-erectus and the species of Trollites and rare sub family known as "The Shrollums" are much like their relatives. The only main differences are; lazy third eye, hermaphrodites and become easily addicted to the blood of children and small unborn muskrats.
Larry released the shroll and it devoured our children, Mary and Kary.
by anonymous wang slapper March 22, 2003
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