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p-i-m-p (see pimp)
p-l-a-y-a (see playa)
s-h-r-i-n-i (see above)
he cool but he aint no shrini
by ludacris January 12, 2004
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Anything that ends up on your clothes or on your physical person that should not be there, such as a piece of food in the corner of your mouth or some dirt on your shirt. Also, can be used for any misc. body fluids that get on your hands, feet, stomach or other parts of your body.
Andrea: How do I look honey?
Ben: Great, but you got some shrini on the back of your sweater.

Tyrone: Wow, that sex was awesome!
Beth: I agree, but your got some of your shrini on my sheets!
by noGAS4life April 20, 2009
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