The term used when describing gay foreplay when one man ejaculates inside another mans rectum, and then sips it with a straw.
After Marcus came into Zacks ass he went shrimpin and drank it out with a straw.
by Ben Dover November 8, 2004
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Sucking ass fluids through a straw.
by k-dizzle February 23, 2004
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When one guy sperms in another mans but hole and slurps the sperm out of the but hole with a straw.
when me and my dad are home alone we have shrimpin time together
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a word used by certain members of the D N' D crew in warren, NJ
instead of the usual use for shrimpin (sucking cum out of a mans ass through a straw) these individuals use the term shrimpin in place of racing, specifically illegal car races
"yo man, what you doin"
"shrimpin bro"
by BAMF456 September 10, 2008
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Pertaining to volleyball; to destroy or "shrimp" a well set ball.
He just shrimped that 33.
That team as a whole is really shrimpin those sets today.
by Person101249124 September 22, 2015
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When someone sits with very bad posture, curving their back like a shrimp
"Ah my back hurts!"
"Thats because you're shrimpin it!"
by Elmongo July 5, 2021
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To have SDE (small dick energy) or to act like you have small dick energy.
This guy is straight shrimpin’. He is weak, we must destroy his bloodline.
by BelugaAhwooga November 16, 2019
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