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slang for jacking off, jerking off, masturbating, or what ever the hell they call it these days...; called this because of the repeated up and down motions
Guy 1 "Last night I was shredding the cheese so much that my hands were covered in that nasty crap that comes out!"

Guy 2 "Why did you jack off so much?"

Guy 1 "What the hell are you talkin' about, crakka?"

Guy 2 "Ohh, I had the wrong impression..."

Guy 1 "Dude, ur such a fagbag, go suck a toe!"

Guy 2 "WTF?"

Guy 1 "Jacking off is illegal, I would never break the law!"

Guy 2 "No its not! Its only illegal on an airplane!"

Guy 1 {guy 1 unzips pants and begins jerkin right in front of him}

Guy 2 "You were callin me the faggot!"
by da_urb@n_l3g3nd March 27, 2010
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